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Supernatural Just Got Fluffy

Supernatural Fluff Archive
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Supernatural fanfiction of the fluff variety
Supernatural Just Got Fluffy
About Us
j2_spn_fluff got its start when we (willow_fae_20 and justthismorning) realized there was no place to find Supernatural fluff and only Supernatural fluff.And we all know that a good dose of fluff is good for the soul. Here at j2_spn_fluff, we cater to those fluffy needs and offer a place to host all your cuddly, adorable,feel-good-inside fluffy stories, whether they be J2, Sammy'n'Dean, or some other awww worthy cast of characters.

The maintainers and participants of this community do not own any of the characters contained herein. We fully acknowledge that all characters belong to their creators and that the actors and actresses are portrayed in a fictional way. This community and all it's participants are here for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended. j2_spn_fluff does not condone the use of fanfiction for personal monetary gain. The maintainers of this community do not earn any profits from this community.


We ask that you read the rules before posting. These are in place to make the community run more smoothly.

1. We currently only accept fanfiction. No art posts at this time. We're sorry
2. We accept all and any pairings.
3. Please use adequate warnings for kinks, spoilers, and wincest. We try very hard not to offend anyone.
4. Please tag all of your posts. This helps for organization.
5. Please include a header with each story.
6. Please put stories longer than 100 words behind a cut. The header may be above the cut.
7. You NEED to include a summary. This does not include: "I suck at summaries, sorry".
8. ONLY FLUFF. There are plenty of communities that host a variety of stories. This one is here solely for stories of a fluffy nature.

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